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I was doing some research on twitter yesterday and came across this tweet from a Kristen fan account with info about Equals idk if you have seen it twitter(.)com/RKMovieNews/status/456894292641202176 .Apparently Ridley Scott and his company are helping producing the movie which is great and they are aiming to start on August, no location but i'm guessing probably in LA.
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That’s good news, I do think highly of Ridley Scott, so having him come in as producer that’s really great news….I was worry about the last production company fall apart- this is even better, Ridley Scott is legendary in futuristic type of film… 

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Equals will be filmed in August.www(.)twitlonger(.)com/show/n_1s1ea7m
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Thank you! sorry for the late reply, I started a bad headache last night and woke up felt like a truck hit me this morning….I have not been sick for a long time :-(


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Do you think Fox might take Bryan off xmen apocalypse because of his lawsuit? The time for this is awful as they are starting to get the marketing at full force and i suppose after xmdofp they would get stared on the next one but those kind of stuff bring a lot of bad press for the movie and the studio.
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Personally I think no. This law suit is from 1999 and its a civil lawsuit that the guy is going after money…and why wait 15 years and why not go after criminal law suit?

I think good film makers will not be affected by things like that…we seem Roman Polanski, Woody Allen or even David O. Russell continue to make films. Beside, Singer has not been proven liable to this suit yet. And even he is, didn’t stop Roman Polanski, why would it stop Bryan Singer?


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