For Beloved One

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. -Albert Einstein


Hello my darlings…if you don’t want any surprises about EQUALS do not read below….

But for those that are interested… here’s a summary from one of my peeps Ms. Lady T…. that had an opportunity to read the script! (I’m so fucking jealous!)…but no worries my sweet, I’ll take what I can get! Lol



Looks like the boy is in the states… (x)

Leaving shortly to a start-up demo day/ competition sponsor by Intel.  Probably won’t be back until late tonight….there are 12 start-ups with social conscious twist competing for 5 spots.   I’m helping 2 of my friends that are presenting today….hope they get into the final 5.  


New French Trailer of Young Ones

Thought this was the one I’d seen already. Nope. A little different.

This one included that kissing scene….


I worked over 12 hours today, still have more work to do before I go to bed….perhaps this is a good thing?